Humpty Dumpty Climbs the Great Wall
Raphael Yun Fung Hui, Poetry: Group 1, St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School
umpty Dumpty goes to the Great Wall,
The New Seven Wonders’’ is what they would call.
Eager to climb the world’s longest wall,
He says, “The Great Wall is the best choice of all.”
Wondering how long the Great Wall would be,
He is surprised with what he can see!
It is so big and tall,
Bigger than a shopping mall!
He climbs up the steps,
Let’s see how far I can get!”
But then he starts to fret,
This is not easy, I want a rest!”
He dares not look down,
For fear of tumbling down.
He sighs with a frown,
I look like a silly clown!”
He summons his might,
I must do it right!”
He reaches for the wall,
Do you think he will fall?
People from China gather and cheer,
Tourists from England toast their beers:
Humpty Dumpty climbed the Great Wall!
Humpty Dumpty did not fall!
All the children and all the great men,
Sing the New Humpty Dumpty song again!”
* * *