Dragon in the Middle Kingdom
Charmaine Cheuk Luen Lai, Poetry: Group 1, St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School
am the moon, all seeing,
I witness the Dragon, rising and growing,
I am all knowing.
From here I see the Great Wall,
In parts it may crumble and fall,
But mostly it stands strong and tall.
Sneaking and winding through blessed land,
Constructed from human bones, brick, water and sand,
The Middle Kingdom with a structure so grand.
Crawling over many mountains far and wide,
Protecting its people from enemy collide,
Under many starry nights, the Great Wall cried.
Thundered with hooves and arrows,
Soldiers fought, the defeated left families in sorrow,
The Great Wall offered hope for tomorrow.
Spaceships and satellites orbit the dark skies,
Men seeking a magical view of earth rise,
A sneaking white trail observed by astronomers’ eyes.
People call the Great Wall their heritage,
Placed on the top of the world stage,
It opens up the Middle Kingdom to a new page.
Perched upon the dragon’s tail,
Across troubled seas we have sailed,
Born into a new China, a new chapter, a new tale.
You are the Dragon, all seeing,
You witness China, rising and growing,
You are all knowing.”
* * *